Chloe khan flashes her own skin body as the effect of Bear

In the last Friday Chloe Khan attend to her group community celebrity Brother eviction. This night show was the former EastEnders and actor Picky norwood, Radio DJ James, page3 ligend Sam Fox and former Towle stal lewis are joined in the last Friday show in the Big Brother public vote.

The show are mixed reaction. causes of nature of Chloe's. Chloe Khan drink a huge bear and she was abnormally nacked and show her body in the show house.Chloe alwayes smiling faced, she was 25 years old. Also she co-operation with her Big Brother house in Elstree. She want emotional black mail.

X-Factor to her contestant was snapped hugging and kissing bear beaming dad and she also trying to protect her exposed cleavage.

Although, he flashing no stranger their skin is 25th years old stars light dress cream you couldnot be able contain sufficient bast.

Earlier this week , with a bit of the Big brother in the context and said that " I am really thought  I was going to call to bear when her eyes went a little because every one who knows him, he is actually sweet and sensitive person. I thought what gones to creak but did not do it.

Amber Heard with < restaring / rejoining > Johnny Deep

Last week Amber Heard was cavorting in London. We may said that Amber will absolutely backto her deposition decision. And Deep are observing those things,
Amber heard is ready to rejoining for next Saturday. Suddenly Deep's Lawyer claim that Amber was physical attacked last 7 days ago. But , there are no injury of Deep & no broken any things . Our source are told that Amber proposal are to agree by Johnny Deep & obey to  any other conditions.

Finally we may told that Amber Heard & Johnny Deep will be sited Next week in London.

WWW Woman Championship/2016

WWW  Woman Championship/2016 are held on last 25th July, 2016. Sasha Bank VS Carlotte . reallu its a great final match. It's also a supper hit match. Carlotte was 31 years old & Sasha was 24 years old. It is a great fighting match. Sasha was first three words wining & she very excited. to the end of match Sasha told " I did it , I am best". And she also said that I have a dream to WWW Champion at when I was 10 years old. Now she was Champion & she was best

Khoel kardashian / / Lamar odom got Divorce

Khoel kardashian & Lamar odom got Divorce

Lamar first time divorce her husband Khoel kardashian, but Khoel's second time. Lamar wants kids and live with kids. but Khoel is not. I think its a real facts to getting divorce.She could'nt want a single life family, she dreamt live with her kids. K Odom said that there are not a funny  & romantic relationship and she field divorce letter in Dec/2013.

Johnny Depp < divorce > Amber heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are separated

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are  first meet the film are starting "The Rum Diary" on 2011. In the long time past away in their friendship. Then they are decided to Marriage and they are going to court and got married on February, 2015. Some times they are happy in their family life. After few dayes leter they are having a problem, Adjustment.Their family member are wored.

When they are married Depp are 52 y'rs & Amber are 30 y'rs old.After 15 months they are decided to separation to their family life.In this family life there are kids are born.Deeps and Amber's separation is not accepted to their family members, but they are submitted their Divorce letter in the Loss Angeles Court on Sunday. This separation comes day after the death of Johnny Depp's Mother. At that time his film "Alice Thouugh The Looking Glass" are listed in the film industry, that are due to Released on Friday.(source- Tmz )